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About me: In real life I wear a suit to work. In my weekend life I gleefully indulge in my hobbies which include family time, horror, crafting, comics, gaming, costuming and conventions. I also do a lot of charity work with kids utilizing my costumes. I don't model professionally. I'm not a cosplay super star. I'm just a chick who enjoys her free time and I rarely take anything seriously. I love star trek, sci-fi, and most of all horror movies. Bruce Campbell? My personal demi-god. I blog about horror. I sew costumes, I wear costumes. Make believe is 1/4 of my soul. I'm a horrible poet - excellent movie quoter, everyone's Rosetta stone, and will own you all in a came of MTG. I live for raising my cherub and working hard. I've met the love of my life. I adore my friends, board games, fuzzy-wuzzy animals and even the non-furry ones too. I have no game, but I live to make people laugh. I'm honest. Way to honest. I guess that makes me a jerk too. Don't ask me anything unless you require the truth. I'm very strong willed and chase what I want. I yearn for the outdoors, adventures and the zen of nature. I study philosophy, paint my future in the stars, and am currently hatching out plans for world domination. I dig the mind - teach me something, and I'll adore you forever. I don't like mean people, conceited people, jealously, crab cakes, fishing for compliments, ignorance or close mindedness.


Horror Blog:


Tumblr: zombiesonlywantmeformybrains.t…


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Happy birthday!!
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I guess i have to move to the states to be a part of this :D  Nothing like this in Iceland :(
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Very nice :D
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happy birthday!
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